What is Happening in Carson City

Session has begun! The Capitol Partners team is now actively working with the legislators every
day to bring about the changes in the state that benefit our clients and all of Nevada. This session has
already begun on a historic note, but we will not bore you with every detail, rather we will get straight
to the highlights thus far!

To begin, this session started at a landmark, as this is the first time a legislature in the entire
country has been made up of a female majority. Along with this, with Sisolak announcing his cabinet
position, all but one department head has been all female. It truly is the Year of the Woman!
The first piece of legislation that has been officially past (in a break-neck speed of only 4 days)
was a firearm background bill, requiring all firearm sales to go through a licensed dealer, who will be
required to do a background check on the purchaser of the firearm, at a cost to the background checker
of $25. Whether this cost will be passed down to the buyer is yet to be seen, as this is brand-new
legislation, but the hope of our very blue legislature and Governor’s mansion is that this will lower gun
crime in the state.

The next big story to come out of the third week of the session is that Attorney General Aaron
Ford has thrown Nevada into the lawsuit that implicates the president as having made an
unconstitutional State of Emergency. Though it doesn’t entirely affect the session that we are working in
currently, it does shed some light on where the AG’s priorities are, as the State of Emergency might be a
big deal at the national level. Though he has been relatively quiet at the state level, at which he was

The next biggest thing likely is something that no one could have prevented, being the weather!
Multiple committee meetings have been cancelled every day due to it, as well as the Governor has had
to tell his state employees to go home multiple times due to the severe snow and ice that continues to
plague the Carson area. We hope that everyone has stayed safe during the winter storms, and wish
good luck on anyone that must make the commute during these times.
While we are still seeing new bills be introduced on what seems like an hourly basis, we are
confident that we are keeping up and changing legislation that can either hinder or help our clients and
fellow Nevadans.

We hope that you’re having a good winter and are staying warm!

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