Sisolak’s State of the State Expectations – 2019

Governor Sisolak will be giving his first State of the State address tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th. The Capitol Partners team will be in attendance, as we are keenly interested in what the Governor has to say, and what he sees as priorities for the state of Nevada. Here are a few things we expect him to talk about, judging by his campaign speeches and what his priorities have been in his first few days.


Firearm Reform:

We expect Governor Sisolak to attempt to reform the firearm industry in the state, especially in the wake of his involvement with the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. In 2016, the state approved a plan that would have provided for background checks in firearm purchases. However, these new provisions have not been followed due to the Attorney General’s claims that the law can not reasonably be enforced. We expect this to change due to Sisolak’s priorities, using it to back registration and background check provisions.


Health Care:

Currently, a group of states are appealing a federal judge’s ruling that the ACA (Affordable Care Act/Obamacare) is unconstitutional due to the individual mandate that is attached to the Act. Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford have been open about their intent to include Nevada in with the states that will be appealing that decision, as well as their support for the Medicaid expansion that is attached to the bill. They have also expressed interest in creating a commission to explore the healthcare system in Nevada, explaining that with the ACA in effect, they don’t want to price people out of their coverage.


Cannabis Tax Reform/ Education:

Currently, the tax revenue on legal recreational marijuana in the state is line-itemed to go to the education system. Currently, 10% goes into the general fund. The Governor’s office wants to see this changed, with the 10% revenue going into a discretionary educational fund, to be spent as needed from the point of view of the Department of Education. Governor Sisolak explains that this does not mean raising the tax on marijuana, rather reallocating it.


School Safety:

Governor Sisolak has expressed an interest in insuring safety in schools, especially through the usage of mental health education and counseling. He is also interested in more readily available police and school resource officers, with technology and detection devices working in concert. Governor Sisolak has explained that he is still unsure exactly what form that this “safety” will take.

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