The 2021 Nevada Legislative Session will begin on February 1, 2021 or as the clock indicates

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Knowledge of Nevada's

We know Nevada, so you don’t have to!

Capitol Partners brings together over three decades of diverse experience in government relations. We know government. We know how it works. We know how to get the job done. Based on experience at the highest levels of federal government, Capitol Partners provides our clients with the knowledge of the people, the policies and processes of government.

Effective Networking

Capitol Partners facilitates “effective networking” with federal, state and local government officials that match our client’s goals and objectives; enhances relationships with elected officials; promotes events that assist with introductions of our strategic partners and guides clients to collaborate with the best matches for their business goals.

Solid Reputation

Capitol Partners has more than 30 years of experience advocating for our clients at the federal, state and local governments levels. A solid reputation built and sustained on performance.

Our team members have worked in the Office of the Governor and the Department of Business and Industry. We enjoy long standing relationships with the Departments of Motor Vehicles, Energy and Agriculture to list a few.

Wealth of Knowledge

Capitol Partners has an excellent reputation for their knowledge regarding research on industries, agencies and issues; representation for state and local entities; policy research including message development and analyzing data; public affairs including coalition building, initiatives, campaigns and community relations; as well as strategies for professional organizations and non-profits.

Representing Clients In

The Nevada Legislature’s proposed and enacted legislation have broad and far-reaching business impacts; respected and competent representation at the Nevada State Legislature has become critical to the future success of many private and public entities. Likewise, government representation has become a specialty requiring experience, knowledge, tested ability, well-developed personal contacts, and a solid reputation. Capitol Partners has achieved its status as a premier government relations firm through its use of a team approach to client representation. Team members are kept current on the status of client legislation and, at critical junctures, join in an “all-out” lobbying effort. This team approach enables us to lobby whole committees and the entire membership of the legislature in the critical hours or minutes while legislation is considered. As a complement to its lobbying efforts, Capitol Partners has developed a detailed legislative monitoring system. Our bill tracking and committee monitoring services are labor intensive, but produce timely and accurate information for client decision-making. Regular reports on the progress of legislation of interest and client initiatives assure ongoing client involvement and informed analysis throughout the legislative process.

The 81st (2021) Session of the Nevada Legislature will begin in:

Government representation has become a specialty requiring experience, knowledge, tested ability, well-developed personal contacts, and a solid reputation. Reach out to our team for assistance today!

Mendy Elliott

Mendy Elliott

Mendy Elliott has an extensive career in Community, Corporate and Government Relations. She was most recently with the State of Nevada began when she was appointed by Governor Jim Gibbons to serve as Director of Business and Industry in 2007, a post she held until July 2008 when the Governor promoted her to the serve as his Deputy Chief of Staff.

Peter Krueger

Peter Krueger

Over the past 22 years, Mr. Krueger has developed relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle, has worked effectively with administrations and regulatory agencies in Nevada. He has navigated numerous leadership changes in the Legislature and the Governor's office.

Nick Vander Poel

Nick Vander Poel

Nick Vander Poel graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics after growing up in Northern Nevada. Nick began his professional career on Capitol Hill in 2003 interning for a Nevada Congressman he was next selected to work for a Nevada U.S. Senator. Nick returned to Nevada accepting a position in a Congressional district office.

Miranda Hoover

Miranda Hoover

Miranda Hoover, MPA, recently joined Capitol Partners. She studied at UNR where she earned a Master of Public Administration specializing in Healthcare Policy and Leadership as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Sciences specializing in Public Health with emphasis in Dietetics, Geriatrics and Behavioral Health.

Manuel Mederos

Manuel Mederos

Manuel brings to Capitol Partners years of community engagement. For the past sixteen years Manuel has focused his energy on empowering youth and is an advocate of the arts and education. Manuel served as an executive board member for four years in both The Education Alliance of Washoe County and Join Together Northern Nevada; an organization that builds successful partnerships to create healthy, drug free communities.